Horring: AH-00212 Trung tâm báo cháy 8 zone

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    Đài Loan
  • Bảo hành
    12 Tháng
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    Còn hàng
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- This unit has Accumulation function, it can minimize the false alarm that caused by unstable pulse or any abnormal signal ( false alarm ) and no effect on the function of fire alarm at all.
- Each zone uses two different LED to indicate Fire alarm and Disconnection.
- Zone test switch uses single-loop press type to improve the twisting switch that its contact failure will caused by dust and improper use.
- Logical switch is different from traditional switch that needs to switch over higher voltage directly, it can prevent the damage caused by unstable voltage.
- External indicator power-save device can select Light ON or OFF under normal condition during power-o-status, and stay blinking during alarm status which extend the operation life of control panel. (Prevent the control panel loss its function by wear-o-on battery under power-o-period)
- Easy to switch from re alarm to smoke evacuation, sprinkling or foam system.
- Movable zone indication labels, they can be easily changed without affect its magnificent appearance.
- Annunciator is available on model AH-02124.
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